ANNUAL REPORT 2014 - 2015

I present this annual report with immense gratitude to the Almighty for providing me the enlightened guidance to give shape to an organization dedicated for a noble cause. I admit with absolute humility that God has bestowed on me the strength and wonderful opportunities to unfold my potential and the ability tom empower not only me, but also the needy in and our surroundings.

I congratulate and thank our dedicated voluntary members, coordinators, and volunteers who have been toiling relentlessly for the growth of the organization.

The activities of the year 2014 - 2015 were mainly focused on Women Empowerment, Cancer Care, and Legal Support to society. Particularly so, because society is concerned with the ill effects of the dreaded disease cancer, gender discrimination, and social, mental and sexual abuse pertaining to women and children.

The funds collected through the various activities of NCF are expended by our two centres at Delhi and Trivandrum respectively on six major projects of NCF - NCF Women Empowerment, NCF Cancer Foundation, NCF Legal Sakhi, NCF Golden Era Homes, NCF Youth at Risk and NCF Anurag. We are happy that more than 90% of the funds are utilized for charity and philanthropic work, which is the very founding principle of NCF. I present before you the gist of the activities of the just mentioned projects under taken at Delhi and Trivandrum respectively.


Free Skill Development Training Programs:

New batches for various skill training programmes were started at Trivandrum and Delhi centres respectively. Every year a new batch of women along with the existing women beneficiaries undergo free training programs on various skills. The skills imparted are envelope making, candle making, block printing, tie and dye, cutting and tailoring, embroidery, dress designing, paper bags , various handicraft items and cleaning materials for house keeping, managing bank accounts, marketing strategies etc.. So far this year, six batches and a total of 42 beneficiaries, which comprises of the under privileged women and veer naaris (war widows), have been trained. The training is imparted free which also includes the training materials. This will continue on an on going basis at regular intervals.

Independent women entrepreneurs : after completing the training programme, the women who wosh to set up an entrepreneurship of their own are given a helping hand by NCF. In the initial stage NCF supports them with the stock, initial investment as per the need, and renders help to find a market for their finished products. As such we now have three such successes who with the help of NCF started a venture and are now more or less on their own.

Sthree self help group: those women who are not confident enough to branch out on their own form a part of the STHREE SELF HELP GROUP. They are supported by NCF by first giving them the seed money, by way of donation to start a venture. This is directly credited to their bank, and then all help is extended as done to the independent women as above. The seed money is given to spare them from taking a loan for which they have to pay interest. We have one such group each at Delhi and Trivandrum respectively.

Family meet: for the past seven years regular family meets are conducted at both the centres. The progress of the activities at both the centres are evaluated . This is a regular feature especially for the women beneficiaries of the STHREE SELF HELP GROUP.

Counselling sessions: besides economic empowerment, NCF also lends emotional support to women beneficiaries who belong to distressed families and face domestic violence. These are conducted separately during the family meets. Refreshments, lunch etc are served to all on that day.

Free medical check up and awareness programs:talks are delivered on the importance of health and hygiene. The premium for insurance policies for cancer is sponsored by NCF at the centres at Delhi and Trivandrum respectively.

Womens' day : on this day, as part of the celebrations, recreational activities and sports are arranged for the women beneficiaries followed by high tea.

LEGAL SAKHI (Justice for all women)

Legal aid clinics: free legal aid clinics are conducted on the last Wednesday os every month at the Trivandrum Centre jointly by The Trivandrum Legal Services Authority and NCF Legal Sakhi.

At Delhi this is conducted at the AWWA(army wives welfare association) hostel and Spring Dales School. So far a total of 25 such clinics have been conducted per year by both the Trivandrum and Delhi centres.

Free cases fight by NCF legal sakhi

There are about five cases related to child custody for war widows, 9 domestic violence cases, 3 succession cases for the underprivileged. All these cases are being fought for free at various courts in Delhi in continuation with last year.

Legal awareness and legal literacy at schools

NCF conducts legal awareness camps every year with a view to support value added education in schools and colleges. One such camp was conducted at Springdales School,. Dhaulakuan importance of being law abiding citizens . For creating legal awareness, topics like "Law of the land", "Duties and responsibilities of Indian citizens" and other subjects that interested the students were also discussed.

Legal adalats

A legal adalat for the senior citizens of the Old Age Home at poojapura Trivandrum, was conducted jointly by the Trivandrum Legal Services Authority and NCF Legal Sakhi. More than 15 old women were sent back to their respective homes and relatives.

At tha Delhi Centre, an adalat was conducted for the women of JJ Cluster slum to help settle issues related to domestic violence faced by few of them.

NCF Youth at risk

Every year the orphaned youth of several childre's homes face a lot of insecurity. They are educated at the expense of the Government till the age of 14. There after they are at crossroads, not knowing where to go or what to expect. NCF tries to help them through free skill development programs which would help them earn a decent living.

Career and entertainment programs

On festive occasions NCF boosts them up by enteraining them through variety enterment programs. At such times they are also given career guidance and self grooming sessions etc.

At the Delhi Centre, an Xmas program along with carol singing was organized for the children of Ashalayam, Donbosco followed by a special feast and gifts for the carol singers, both boys and girls.

For the girls alone, a special session was conducted on menstrual hygiene and they were also educated on the prevention of HPV so as to prevent cervical cancer.

At the Thiruvananthapuram Centre, a trip was arranged for the children of Saigram trust to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. They were delighted to enter an aircraft where refreshments and snacks were served by kind courtesy Air India.

NCF ANURAG (the girl child and child rights project)

This is a project through which NCF aims to empower the underprivileged children who are exploited by society. The name ANURAG thatiof a three year old boy was adopted by NCF when his case for child custody was fought for free by President NCF, Adv. Elizabeth antony and this was a source of inspiration to take up the cause for oppressed children.

In metros like Delhi such children are exploited by their own parents who are poor and illiterate and engage the children in child labour thus denying them the opportunity of free education. The free education is offered to them by the Government under Article 21A of the Indian Constitution. NCf strives to educate these illiterate parents and encourages them to send their children to schools.

In the past five years our Delhi center has adopted five girl children from the slums. They are supplied with uniforms, text books and note books and basic facilities so that they do not become dropouts due to the slight reason of falling ill.

Every year NCF celebrates Children's day (14 November) both at Delhi and Trivandrum. At Trivandrum, the NCF team visited the pediatric ward of SAT hospital to celebrate the occasion with the little patients admitted there. At Delhi, a painting competition was organized by NCF for the children of ASHALAYAM BOSCO, along with snacks, followed by lunch. Prizes were distributed to the winners and certificates were given to all participants.

The name ANURAG, that of a four year old child whose custody case was fought for free by President NCF, will be remembered as a symbol of freedom for the oppressed children to be free from various bondages.


NCF GOLDEN ERA HOMES this project aims to protect and care for the welfare of the needy senior citizens by way of providing a secure shelter to those who do not have homes of their own. As this project involves a lot of funds, it is yet to be fully realized. However a beginning has been made with a library for their use at the Trivandrum Centre. NCF has also secured a plot of land to realize the projecy by and by.

WELFARE FOR DESTITUTE SENIORS NCF as is done every year, visited the DIVYA SHANTHI ASHRAM for destitute men and the Women's Home for the destitute at Poojapura, Trivandrum.

Festivals like Onam and Christmas are celebrated with merry making , traditional feast and snacks of their choice. NCF also provides cleaning materials every them for clean and hygienic housekeeping.

LEGAL SUPPORT: At Trivandrum, NCF, along with Trivandrum District Legal Services Authority, conducted a one day Legal Aid Camp for destitute women at the Old Age Home at Poojapura. 15 women were sent back to their respective homes after helping them trace their close relatives.

HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS Along with cancer detection camps at the old age home and the Trivandrum Centre,, an eye check up was organized by NCF, followed by free distribution of spectacles .

REGULAR FINANCIAL SUPPORT: in 2010 NCF had selected five senior citizens under the scheme 'welfare of senior citizens'. It was decided to support these needy women with financial assistance for their health and welfare. However there is only one survivor now and NCF continues the above said support.


The NCF Cancer Care Project which was taken up in a major way has now become the NCF Cancer Foundation. Through the free Cancer Detection Camps conducted by NCF periodically, which aims to create awareness about the importance of early detection and timely and continued treatment of the disease. Assistance is also rendered to those participants of the camp found in need for follow up treatment.

As NCF is into propagating prevention of cancer alone, we do not indulge in supporting the treatment of patients. However those detected with the disease both the state governments of Delhi and Trivandrum have promised to give free treatment through the Delhi State Cancer Institute and government hospitals in Kerala, on recommendation of NCF.

CHECK - Citizens' HEALTH EMPOWERMENT CAMPAIGN PROGRAM IN ENTIRE KERALA: in the state of Kerala our biggest achievement has been the launch of a consortium with support from Indian Medical Association(IMA), Kerala Government, Kudumbasree, NSS, NCC and Dept of Education, all joining NCF for a mega campaign throughout Kerala.

TRAINING PROGRAM FOR VOLUNTEERS: the first phase of the program CHECK was to train the trainers by some leading doctors of IMA on how to conduct awareness programs at various district levels in Kerala. About 120 volunteers have been trained and have been provided with materials for a power point presentation and talks for the same.

The second phase would be to train those volunteers who could not attend the above program. The training would be imparted by the trained trainers.

CANCER DETECTION MOBILE UNIT: the third phase of CHECK is where NCF would introduce the mobile unit "NCF on Wheels" for complete health check up for the benefit of the public.

NCF is happy to inform that the mobile unit has been already launched at Delhi . The unit, fitted with a mammogram machine, x ray machine, biopsy and blood test facilities etc is already on the move. On 8 March(Women's Day), a trial run was successfully made by conducting a Cancer Detection Camp for about 250 under privileged women at Faridabad Dist near Delhi.

The same will be launched soon at Trivandrum to realize the aim of NCF in association with CHECK for health check, cancer prevention and detection and conducting awareness programs on the same through out the state of Kerala.

TRAINING: a training was arranged for the above for the selected paramedical and other staff at various levels to work in the unit for both Delhi and Trivandrum.

ADOPTION OF DESTITUTE CANCER PATIENTS: at Delhi State Cancer Institute there are several under privileged cancer patients undergoing free treatment. However there are some who cannot even afford the expenses for food and a by stander. In these cases the hospital is forced to deny them admission. NCF adopts such patients, on recommendation of the hospital, by paying for their expenses for food and by stander so as to enable them to avail of the free treatment offered by the Government. The rate recommended by the hospital authorities is Rs. 100 per day. During this financial year NCF has adopted 130 such patients.

FINANCIAL ASSIATANCE: at Trivandrum, we have been giving regular financial assistance to two under privileged patients. NCF also donated prosthesis to two women who had undergone mastectomy.


NCF has so far conducted six free cancer detection and awareness camps through our Delhi and Trivandrum Centers which will increase to four camps a month when the mobile unit becomes totally functional on road

We have also conducted about nine power point presentations on awareness programs on prevention o cancer at the Trivandrum and Delhi centers together. On May 31 which is observed as World Anti Tobacco Day, NCF has, like every year, printed and displayed posters on the ill effects of smoking and chewing tobacco, at relevant public places, schools and colleges. As is done every year, NCF conducts Christmas programs and carol singing in the pediatric ward of the Regional Cancer Centre. Cake and coffee are distributed to the little patients and present on the occasion. Regular donations in kind like cleaning and house keeping materials to Dharmasala, DSCI, BOSCO at Delhi and Divya Shanthi Ashram at Trivandrum still continues as in the past years.

Before I round off, I wish to sincerely thank all our well wishers for their guidance and support, and pray to God Almighty to reward the NCF team for their commitment and hard work to help achieve the proclaimed goals of NCF.


Elizabeth Anthony

Founder and President NCF